Project Description

MAIT Radio Control system

  • Base station with allowance for a PC, up to 6.5m external aerial and UPS standby power to ensure the system operates if there is a power failure
  • Pump control system on MI channel-turns on off the electric pump, provides levels of MI channel, mainline pressure, water flow, alarms from the pump. Power supply to control the system using a Solar Panel and/or 240v so the system will continue to operate if there is a power failure. Aerial up to 6.5m for radio communications to the base. Additionally a level transducer installed in the channel sump will monitor and allow low level pump shut down when there is not enough water in the channel to operate
  • At each dam – Radio control panel with a solar power supply for opening and closing the dam control valve. A dam pressure transducer wired to controller to provide total dam water level control through the MAIT software
  • Concrete Plant steel water tank to have a level control to alarm if there are low levels

MAIT Management System.

  • Monitor the level in each dam and turn on and off the pump as required. Level control will allow for the following:
    High level – switch off control valve and call signal to stop pump
    Medium level – turn electric pump on in off peak electricity tariff times
    Low Level – turn electric pump on immediately and bring to medium level in dam
    High/high and Low/low levels – alarm by sending out emails relating to the problem
  • Pump Station Electric -starts the electric pump and speeds up to a meet the flow requirement of the dam/s calling for water. This means if there is only one dam requiring water the pump will ramp up to meet the desired flow, if a second dam call then the pump increases flow to meet the requirement and so on until it reaches full flow capacity. Water pressure and flow, system alarms are taken into the MAIT for control as well as mapping water usage
  • Dam control – MAIT control panel will switch on and off the 12VDC latching relay to fill the dam as required by the software
  • Base Station – Full monitoring of the system through a dedicated PC with battery backup allows the following:
    – Setup software with visual display of what is happening including dam levels, pump flows and system pressure.
    – Alarm monitoring for any pre-set value required by the end user – dam level high and low, pump failure, low or high flows and pressure.
    – Email of alarms to specific people.
    – Trending graphs of water used in the system.
    – Remote viewing of the system on a smart phone or other computer using team viewer or subscribe to web interface if required.
  • Project Supervision, Commissioning and Testing with IBIS and MAIT staff